Welcome to ICEMAXX

We are ICEMAXX, LLC,  a minority, service-disabled veteran-owned ice and water vending small business providing our customers 24/7 convenient access to the highest quality, and best tasting ice and water. We work with local business owners to place our machines at prime sites, providing highly visible venues and attracting high volumes of customers to your business location.

ICEMAXX, LLC is up and coming offering services with units throughout Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, and surrounding areas. All our units are built in accordance with federal and state sanitary standards with a self-disinfecting Ozone system.

Our combination of ice and water vending machines sit on the size of half a parking space. By using the existing power, water, and a simple drain, these machines can provide fresh, filtered water and safe, sanitized ice for sale 24/7. 


OUR VISION is To be the premier ice and water vending business in Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas providing convenient 24/7 access to the highest quality, and best tasting ice and water satisfying life essential needs like hydration and ice cooling necessities.

our values

OUR VALUES are: Philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, diversity, inclusion, and environmental


An American, born in Puerto Rico who struggled through poverty and hurricanes, I rose to answer the call of our nation and served honorably in the U.S. Army and Special Forces for 27 ½ years. A profound believer in freedom and the American Dream, with a hungry entrepreneurial spirit, I embark on this venture. My goal through this business is to provide support for these non-profits that are near and dear to my heart. A percentage of every sale will go to support the following organizations that serve the needs of our veterans and first responders:

  • Boricuas de Corazon
  • Special Forces Charitable Trust
  • Florida Sherriff’s Association 

You can rest assured that with my military background and discipline, all machines will deliver consistently pure and fresh ice and water 24/7.