ICEMAXX, LLC can help you find the perfect ice & water vending location.


ICEMAXX, LLC provides the cleanest, safest, 24.7 self-service water & ice dispensor

How it works for Businesses

  • ICEMAXX will manage everything, ensuring permits comply, and utilities are connected by a certified professional at the right spot in your property.
  • ICEMAXX will handle all required maintenance and cleaning to meet state and federal regulations.
  • ICEMAXX provides a transparent business transaction that facilitates simple billing and monthly payments for necessary utilities. Just relax and enjoy the investment into our partnership!

How it works for Consumers

  • An ICEMAXX vending machine is the most reliable way to satisfy your hydration and cooling needs prior to, and after catastrophic/inclement weather events.
  • ICEMAXX offers you convenient 24/7 access to 1-5 gallons of water per transaction, bulk ice, or 10 lbs. bags of ice to satisfying community and individual preparedness prior, through and after natural disasters.
  • Our machines offer you the flexibility to pay with coins, bills, or card delivering ice or water in four easy steps.


  • An ICEMAXX vending machine can be a major attraction to your business coupled by our highly attractive venues between HD lighting, and feather flags directing traffic to your location.
  • ICEMAXX machines provide your businesses the ability to deliver critical hydration and cooling needs prior to, and after natural disasters as part of community and individual preparedness.
  • ICEMAXX offers the flexibility of 1-5 gallons provided per transaction while allowing max hydration and inclement weather preparedness.
  • ICEMAXX offers the ability fill up your cooler before a sports event, beach outing, fishing trip, cooler for your work truck, extra ice for a party, and the list goes on and on...
  • ICEMAXX machines eliminate waiting in line or having to go inside, and in four quick steps you are on your way!
  • ICEMAXX machines are available 24/7
  • ICEMAXX machines provide a 5-State Ultra Filtration System with ultra violet treatment and infusion of Ozone, delivering the purest ice and freshest water possible.